We are regularly asked the following questions:-

Q. Could my horse and dog be washed and groomed while they are with you.

A. .Yes we will wash your horse and groom it. A contract dog groomer will be provided for your dog.

Q. My bird likes to spend most of the day outside but to come in at night. Is that ok?

A. Yes, we want to know how you look after your pets so they feel like they are still at home with you.

Q.I have an old dog that lives inside. Where will she be aloud.

A. Your dog is very welcome to live inside the house with us. Just let us know when making your booking.

Q. My rabbit needs to be protected from the heat / cold.

A. Rabbit hutches are under shade or under cover so are protected.

Q. Size of kennels.

A. We don't have poky kennels. Dogs that are boarding outside have shelter in our stables and inside dogs are inside the house. Your dog can play and run in our fenced in paddocks.

Q. Is the area safe?

A. Yes. Fenced all around property,

Q. Can you pick up and deliver

A. Yes. Old or large animal can be collected in a horse float so they don't have to climb into a car.

Q. Do you provide emergency service.

A. Yes. Where we can we will take what action we feel is best for your pet.